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Business Intelligence Reports: make your figures decisions enablers


Historically IT has been introduce into legacy industries to improve task automation like the machines did during Industrial Revolution. Like machineries, computer can provide cadence information, but can also keep historical data which can be then reviewed and analyzed to provide a business related information. This process is called Business Intelligence.

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Data location in computer history


« My data are in the cloud »: pretty scary thing when you think about it! In a world where lot of us still fighting to keep some privacy, lot of us also massively using free cloud storage to store/backup our data. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also using cloud storage for my own data, but only the one which is not confidential. Internet being a public network, everything you put once, will be definitely discoverable, shareable, and usable by anyone else at some point.


Service Level Agreements: don’t buy dreams


All contracts or services managers should know those terms. Basically this is a way to simplify contracts terms regarding what the service provider should deliver by quantifying in a more operational language.
One of the most common forms of SLA (at least in my current area) is service availability: how long a network link or a server stay up and running or how quickly the service should be used restored in case of disruption.
In case of SLA breach it can be ask financial compensations.


Privacy crisis: focus vs openspace

PrivacyCrisisSource: Steelcase

I recently read articles about work environments from Very good issue#68 but my impression after having reading part where they are talking about open-spaces was negative (well they are selling offices furnitures so… 😈 ): it was like open spaces at work bring more cons’ than pros’ due to environmental noises, perpetual distractions and loss of privacy.