Right to do wrong


That infographic speaks by itself: all historical genius had failed several times before succeeding. As the French Canadian Jean- François Vézina, psychologist and writer also said: « If the bacteria had not made a mistake, we would not be here! »

The power of failing or doing wrong is from my point of view even more important than doing good and succeeding. Indeed, for all failures you will encounter to reach a goal you will learn something new which will be a step forward that goal and will be even reuse for reaching another one later.

Being self-educated myself I get used to stuck into a situation where I had to reverse back to better step forward. I actually like doing wrong (as long as I’m not impacting anyone else 🙂 ) because I like to understand what and why I did wrong. Plus once I reached my goal, I’m even happier because it was not that easy but I reached it.

Doing wrong is an aberration compared to a standard. A standard which might come from several sources: religions, scientists, school, parents, society, etc.

Hopefully I’m seeing the situation evolving in the right way and even at a company level where old management style was describing failure as a bad performance instead of a good personal development value. This is not perfect yet, but more and more leaders are spreading the words in order to get rid of this fear of doing wrong.

Indeed, if you did wrong it does mean you tried something by yourself, and you have been creative. By being creative you are trying to improve or resolve a situation by adding your own value to the company. Companies need creative people to evolve and perform, but creativity is not an exact and perfect science so may bring lot of failures before succeeding, so don’t be afraid to do wrong!